Why Doing Good Is So Important to Viber

Scott Nelson, Head of North America at Viber   Our very own Scott Nelson who heads up Viber in North America sat down with Richard Jackson of Voxburner to discuss all things Viber, YMS16, and what Viber are doing to stand out in the crowd. This post was first published on Voxburner.  Can you tell our readers … Read More >

Viber for Windows 10 – Beta No Longer

On June 1, we introduced the first version of our app for UWP and received an influx of useful feedback from our users. This feedback is a goldmine for us and we welcome it with open arms. After hearing from everyone who offered us their input, we’ve shaped an updated version with new features meant to … Read More >

Getting Fit Together: #GoodVibes Bootcamp

People often wonder how I—a woman at 5 feet 3 inches tall and 118 pounds—became a CrossFit competitor who can lift 135% times my own weight (see it in action here). The answer? I couldn’t have done it without positive support from others. Teamwork is an essential part of the CrossFit philosophy. When I travel … Read More >

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