Free Calls from USA to Mexico Offer Terms

This offer means that you can use Viber-Out to make free calls from United States’ dial codes to Mexico dial codes – landlines and mobiles (excluding special, premium service and non-geographic numbers and subject to Fair Usage Principles outlined below), during the time of this offer, starting May 5, 2018, 9:00AM EST and until terminated at Viber’s sole discretion (“Offer Period”). You need to have an internet connection. Internet and/or mobile fees for data usage may apply. Viber’s Terms of Use shall apply. No cash redemption. No emergency calls can be made using Viber.

Viber reserves the right to discontinue this offer at any time.

During the Offer Period, your Viber Out credit will not be used for Qualified Calls made under the terms of the Offer.

Fair Usage Principles for this offer:

This offer is limited to 30 minutes call duration. All calls will be disconnected and require a re-dial. Viber may change the accepted duration and these offer terms will be amended accordingly. The applicable terms at the time of the actual call shall govern.

This offer applies to Viber Out calls made for individual use only (personal or business communications) in accordance with Viber’s Terms of Use, these Fair Usage principles and the above Terms (“Qualified Calls”).

The following is a non-exhaustive list of practices that would NOT be considered Qualified Calls:

  • Re-selling minutes;
  • call center operations;
  • Sharing minutes between users whether via a PBX, call center, computer or any other means;
  • Other than for individual normal business communications, making calls (whether singly, sequentially or automatically) to generate income for yourself or others as a result of the call itself; and
  • Calling multiple numbers in a short period of time or calls of short duration, or other unusual calling behaviors inconsistent with normal use.

Viber may also determine other practices to be non qualified calls, based on unlawful, prohibited, abnormal or unusual activity. If, when using this Offer, you won’t comply with the Fair Usage Principles, any other offer terms and conditions or Viber’s Terms of Use, Viber may, at its discretion, terminate its relationship with you or limit your use.