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10 Incredibly Inspiring Quotes for 2017

28 Dec 2016
Posted by: Shai, Content and Social Media Manager

Many of us head into a new year wondering how it’s going to be different from the last. The truth is, unless we’re really set on a goal or achievement of some kind, not much will change. If things are good or at least decent, we’ll float on. If things aren’t the greatest, we might hope for change, but not take any strides towards it. 

Enrich Your Conversations with New Instant Videos and Chat Extensions

19 Dec 2016
Posted by: Natalye, Content Manager

It might seem like keeping in touch with the people you love is already quite simple, but, hey, we felt that way when we were mailing letters across oceans. The truth is, even though sending a text or making a phone call is easy, it sometimes lacks a certain emotional connection that we, as humans, crave. Some situations might call for more substance, but face-to-face interaction isn’t possible. In those times, Instant Videos give you a new way to add personalization to your communications.

Introducing a New Way to Reach Brands

9 Nov 2016
Posted by: Shai, Global Community Manager

When you need to talk to a friend, family member or colleague, the most natural thing to do is pull out your phone. You might try to get them on a call or maybe send a quick text message, but chances are that you wouldn’t consider any other way of getting in touch.