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Viber Blog

6 Times You Desperately Wished You Could Delete Messages

24 May 2017
Nathalie Cohen-Sheffer, Viber Team

Sending a message you're later going to regret has happened to nearly all of us. That's exactly why Viber offers users the possibility to delete messages and save face. 

Setting up Viber Before Your Summer Vacation

22 May 2017
Nathalie Cohen-Sheffer, Viber Team

Summer is just around the corner as is your long-awaited vacation. Make the most of it by setting up Viber prior to your trip to guarantee you’ll be able to keep in touch with friends and family for free!


How to Get the Best Voice Quality on Your Call

17 May 2017
Nathalie Cohen-Sheffer, Viber Team

Getting the best voice quality on your call is crucial, and there are quite a few things you may not even be aware of that are making it harder for you to attain the quality you need and deserve. Check out these following tips and you'll soon discover just how good good sound quality sounds like.