Stored Credential Consent Agreement (“Consent Agreement”)

This Stored Credential Consent Agreement (“Agreement”) is between Viber Media, S.à r.l. (“Viber”) and you, the cardholder (“Cardholder” or “you”).

This Agreement is an integral part of the Viber Terms of Service (“Terms“) and applies to Cardholders that request Viber to make recurring payments or if the Cardholder requests Viber to save the credit card information for future purchase during the checkout or payment flow.

You hereby acknowledge that Viber or its PSP will need to store your credit card information, including but not limited to credit card number, expiration date and associated contact information, in order to process future payments (“Cardholder Data” or “CHD”) and you are hereby providing consent for that storage.

Your stored CHD will be used only to process future payment on Viber Out or Viber Pay. The use of other information that may be contained within the CHD such as your name and email address will only be used as specified in our Privacy Policy.

Viber cancellation and refund are detailed in the Viber Terms, the recurring payment can be canceled at any time through the ‘My Account’ tab in your ‘Viber Out’ screen or by contacting Viber as stated below.

You will be notified of any material changes to this Agreement. Viber can be contacted via its Contact Us form on the website at