Stored Credential Consent Agreement (“Consent Agreement”)

This Consent Agreement is an integral part of the Viber Payments Policy (“Policy”). All capitalized terms used herein and not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Policy.

I/We hereby authorize Viber Media, S.A.R.L (“Viber”) and any third party payment processors providing services to Viber to store the information pertaining to my/our credit card (“Credit Card”) for any future purchases or transactions I choose to make or carry out on the Site, the Viber App or in the scope of the Services.

I/We further authorize Viber to use such information to make automatic recurring charges to the Credit Card in connection with the subscription service that I/We have selected when signing up for the Services (“Subscription Service”). I understand and confirm that the subscription fees will be charged by Viber to the Credit Card periodically according to the subscription I selected.

I further confirm that I have read the Policy in full and fully comprehend it. I hereby acknowledge that the terms and policies included in the Policy are incorporated herein by reference (including, but not limited to, Viber’s refunds, cancellations, and any additional fees or surcharges policies incorporated therein).

I/We understand that Viber will notify me/us via the email address associated with my/our account or via a Viber message in case I did not provide an email address, in the event of any changes to this Consent Agreement and that the Consent Agreement will otherwise remain in full force and effect until I/we have informed Viber in writing of my/our desire to terminate this Consent Agreement or if my/our account has been deactivated in accordance with the Policy.

Viber can be contacted via its support portal at and via regular mail at 2 Rue du Fossé L-1536 Luxembourg, Grand duchy of Luxembourg.

Please be sure to print the Agreement once you checked the acceptance checkbox during the payment flow which constitutes your agreement and acceptance of this Consent Agreement.