Viber requires the activation of push notifications for optimal performance. Push notifications let you know when you have received a message or call and when your friends have joined Viber through audio and visual alerts.

When you register to Viber, you will be asked for permission to receive push notifications from Viber. You can control if and how you receive push notifications from Viber on iPhone through the settings through your device Notification Center.

You can access the Notification Center by:

  1. Selecting the settings icon 
  2. Selecting Notification Center
From the Notification Center:
  1. Select Viber
  2. Choose the notification settings that you prefer. There are three types of notifications that you can receive from Viber through your iPhone:

  • Alerts/Banners – Alerts appear as popup windows in the center of your screen and require an action in order to make them disappear. Banners roll down from the top of your screen and disappear quickly and automatically.
  • Badges – Appear as a small number on the Viber icon. These indicate the number of messages waiting for you, calls you have missed and conversation notifications.
  • Sounds – Audible notification sounds for incoming messages / “Contact joined Viber” notifications*

For additional information about push notifications and troubleshooting guides from Apple, please click here.*These notifications can be changed through Viber settings. To learn more, please click here.