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Public Chats

What is a Public Chat?

A Public Chat is a place where one or more people can send messages to each other that anyone can see. Public Chats can be about anything – a local community group, a TV show, or even your favorite sports team.

What is the difference between a group chat and a Public Chat?

A group chat is a private conversation between a group of participants that no one besides the participants can see. A Public Chat can be seen by anyone who chooses to follow the Chat.

What is a participant?

A participant can send messages in the Chat and change the Chat’s information. Anyone can create their own Public Chat and add up to 99 participants. To become a participant, you must be added by a participant of that Chat.

What is a follower?

A follower is a person who chooses to follow a Public Chat. They can see messages and Chat information but cannot contribute to or edit a Public Chat.

Who can see my personal information in a Public Chat?

If you are a participant, the only people who can see your information are other participants in your Public Chat. If you are a follower, you cannot see anyone’s personal information, and they can’t see yours.