The Rise of Emoticons

Let’s get into some real talk about emoticons. They are so small. They force my face into expressions that I’d like to reserve for when I’m truly losing my eyesight. I’m trying to delay anything related to needles near my face for as long a possible here. On my phone, I have an easier time … Read More >

GIFs Win Where Words Fail

Question: Why are GIFs so good? Seriously. It’s like instant replay and rewind met up and said, “We go better together.” We’re living in interesting times. Our conversations are gradually becoming more and more visual, and less textual. We can communicate what we want to say through as little as yellow cartoon faces or through … Read More >

Viber North America: Empowering Local Artists and Beautifying the Streets of Boston

In December 2015, Viber North America launched the “Boston Life” Public Chat as a resource for ‘all things Boston’, including restaurant reviews, weekend activities, concerts, tourist destinations, shopping, health and wellness, cultural events, and so on. The participants of the “Boston Life” Public Chat are photographers, artists, designers, small business owners, young professionals, and students … Read More >

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