What is VoIP?

You may think you don’t know what VoIP is, but if you’ve ever made a call using the internet, whether on your computer or mobile phone, you’ve used it. VoIP stands for “Voice over internet Protocol” and lets you use the internet as a transmission medium for voice and video calls through voice data in … Read More >

How to Call Nigeria from the USA

We all have family, friends or even co-workers we need to contact abroad, which is precisely why we’re constantly looking for the best and less costly way to make international calls. Many of us sign up to expensive calling services while some of us opt for pricey calling cards. However, there are better alternatives that … Read More >

How to Call the Philippines from the USA

We all have someone we’d like to stay in touch with, and with nearly 3.5 million Filipinos living in the USA, chances are you probably have someone back in the Philippines you’d like to contact. We’re here to show you exactly how to call the Philippines from the USA. Begin by making sure you know … Read More >