How to Call the UK from the USA

With over a million Brits living in the USA chances are you have a loved one or a colleague you’d like to stay in touch with across the pond. And while you may already know how to make international calls for free, it doesn’t mean you should use a calling card to the UK from … Read More >

Your Guide to International Calling Codes

  Looking for international calling codes? See our full country code list including international dialing codes from the US to every country in Europe, Africa, Asia and more. When making an international call, be it to a landline or cell phone, or when using your mobile phone while traveling abroad, you always need to know … Read More >

How to Make Long Distance Relationships Work with Viber

Anyone who has ever maintained a long distance relationship will tell you it takes a lot of work and commitment to make it last. However, in many cases, that hard work ends up paying off. Until the moment you and your loved one meet again, check out the many different ways Viber keeps you connected … Read More >

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