Getting Fit Together: #GoodVibes Bootcamp

People often wonder how I—a woman at 5 feet 3 inches tall and 118 pounds—became a CrossFit competitor who can lift 135% times my own weight (see it in action here). The answer? I couldn’t have done it without positive support from others. Teamwork is an essential part of the CrossFit philosophy. When I travel … Read More >

Viber North America: Empowering Local Artists and Beautifying the Streets of Boston

In December 2015, Viber North America launched the “Boston Life” Public Chat as a resource for ‘all things Boston’, including restaurant reviews, weekend activities, concerts, tourist destinations, shopping, health and wellness, cultural events, and so on. The participants of the “Boston Life” Public Chat are photographers, artists, designers, small business owners, young professionals, and students … Read More >