Why Viber for iOS 10 Is Everything Right Now

When the stars align, a new Viber version release coincides with an operating system release and, this week, we celebrated that happy coincidence when we introduced Viber 6.3.1 for iOS. The new version is fiercely dedicated to making your life easier and your regular communications more convenient. Ilia Blinderman, who is responsible for the iOS … Read More >

A New Version of Our Ever-Evolving App

As of today, the latest versions of Viber for iOS, Android and desktop are all available for download. Exciting new things are happening in the app – some more obvious than others (hello, new purple shade!). We’ll be outlining the main changes in this post. Read on for the what’s new in the app and … Read More >

The Rise of Emoticons

Let’s get into some real talk about emoticons. They are so small. They force my face into expressions that I’d like to reserve for when I’m truly losing my eyesight. I’m trying to delay anything related to needles near my face for as long a possible here. On my phone, I have an easier time … Read More >