7 Ways to Say “I Miss You” with Viber

  People seem to have several differences, but one of the things that we probably all have in common is that we all miss someone. Whether we’re at work and can’t wait to get home to see our significant other, child or pet, or whether we’re torn apart by a different time zone or location, … Read More >

Viber Chatbots in Action: Foxsy, Your Personal Matchmaker

  It’s becoming very clear that chatbots are here to stay, and for good reason. During 2016 alone, more than 30,000 branded chatbots hit the market. The impact has been so massive that businesses and marketers alike have already proclaimed 2017 as the year of the bot. As a new means of communicating with users … Read More >

7 Ways to Make Mom Smile This Mother’s Day

  You may have your disagreements here and there, but you know at the end of the day that your mom will always be there for you. This Mother’s Day, make sure to let your mom know how much she means to you. Instead of going for the usual card and flowers, why not get … Read More >

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