New Chat Extensions: Yelp, Tunemoji, Ticketmaster and More!

It’s been nearly a year since we first introduced Chat Extensions, enabling you to send a GIF, Guggy and YouTube video. Since then, we’ve added more Chat Extensions that offer the option to find a good deal on a hotel with Booking, keep up with current news with Vice and catch up on the hottest … Read More >

What It’s Really Like Being in a Group Chat

Group chats – you can’t live with them, but you sure can’t live without them. Communicating with several people at once definitely has its perks but it can also cause for some awkward moments. No matter how many people you may be chatting with in private, no one really knows what it’s like being in … Read More >

Top 8 Viber Accounts to Have with Your Morning Coffee

Whether you’re a morning person or prefer to hit the snooze button on your alarm for as long as possible, we all need a little boost to get ourselves going in the morning. And since a recent research found that caffeine is one of 24 compounds that may protect against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, feel … Read More >