Pin Important Messages to the Top of Your Group Chat

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy our newest group chat improvements on both your mobile and desktop! We only recently came out with our replies feature on desktop, which enables you to reply to messages that were sent in your group chat or one-on-one chats so that you’re always in the … Read More >

One-Stop-Shop: Viber’s Chat Extensions

A year has gone by since we first introduced Chat Extensions, the service that lets you search, share and enrich your conversation with content from all over the webt. Since then, you may have already become a pro at using Chat Extensions, sending YouTube videos and GIFs, finding the perfect hotel to stay at with … Read More >

Feel the Beat with These 5 Music Accounts

Are you ready to get your groove on? If you love discovering new music, these 5 Viber music accounts are bound to get your foot tapping to the beat. From Shakira’s, which gives you an exclusive look to the singer’s preparations for her El Dorado World Tour, to the Tomorrowland Music Festival’s fan account for … Read More >

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