How to Make Long Distance Relationships Work with Viber

Anyone who has ever maintained a long distance relationship will tell you it takes a lot of work and commitment to make it last. However, in many cases, that hard work ends up paying off. Until the moment you and your loved one meet again, check out the many different ways Viber keeps you connected … Read More >

Change Your Phone Number Without Losing Your Chat History

Gone are the days in which you had to say goodbye not only to your former phone number but to years and years of conversations with family and friends, photos you’ve taken and received, and hundreds of contacts you’ve saved. Whether you switched phone numbers because you got a new SIM card or a new … Read More >

Here’s Why You Should Start Using Viber for Desktop

Whether you’re working on a computer all day, or simply don’t have easy access to your mobile at the moment, using your computer in order to call or message your friends or colleagues can make your life a whole lot easier. Viber for desktop enables you to make free international calls from your computer to … Read More >

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