Start the New Year Right with January’s Good Vibes Stories

The new year only started but it’s never too late to make up your mind to be happier and kinder every day. Waking up with a smile isn’t always easy but you can turn that frown around with the following four stories! Feel free to share them with anyone you think could use a happy … Read More >

Chill Out with These 12 Winter Songs!

  With many areas around the world bracing themselves for another freezing week, chances are that unless you happen to be tanning on some remote island in the Caribbean, you’re probably trying to remember what it was like during the summer. And while fall seems to have gone by way too quickly as well, there’s … Read More >

Print Your 2018 Free Viber Calendar

Are you fully prepared for 2018? Did you make your New Year’s resolutions, and most importantly do you have a new calendar to help you organize all the cool and interesting things you’re going to be doing in the coming year? We thought it would only make sense to give all our users a chance … Read More >

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