A Viber and FC Barcelona Public Accounts Webinar

  We’re co-hosting a Public Accounts webinar with our amazing partner FC Barcelona! We recently clued you in on updates made to Viber’s Public Accounts. While the blog post provides a treasure trove of information, we feel that talking it through is always better–and to showcase how FC Barcelona uses their Public Account to reach … Read More >

From Brands to Fans: Shakira

  Shakira is on Viber! For those of you that have been living under a rock for the last decade or so, Shakira is a Grammy award-winning, global superstar with hits in multiple languages ushering in crossover music to the radio. Like Viber, she uniquely connects with her millions of devoted fans and social media … Read More >

Public Accounts Just Got a Makeover

Viber is constantly connecting people all over the world through the sights and sounds of our app. One of our most valuable solutions to date has been our Public Accounts, and they just got a major makeover! Whether you want to increase brand affinity and loyalty or convert our users into sales, Public Accounts uniquely … Read More >

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