Top 9 Viber Sticker Packs to Spice Up Your Chat

  Words can only say so much and, sometimes, something visual can help you express yourself better than any sentence or word ever could. With nearly 600 million sticker pack downloads in 2016 alone, we can’t help but get a feeling that our users, just like us, are obsessed with sending stickers to their friends and … Read More >

Now You Can Up Your Photo Game with Stickers

  When we introduced the Sticker Market four years ago, we knew that people would love stickers, but we couldn’t have imagined that they would become like us here at Viber – which is, well, obsessed. In 2016, we saw nearly 600 million (yes, million!) sticker pack downloads and 40 billion (yes, billion!) stickers sent … Read More >

The Future of Messaging Is In-App Shopping

  The advent of mobile technology has made way for people to take on more in less time and with less effort. Increasingly, our social activities have transferred from the real world to the virtual one in the name of convenience and efficiency. We plan events, have work meetings, play games, meet our soulmates, learn … Read More >

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