Text Message Response Times and What They Really Mean

We’ve all waited at some point or another by the phone to hear back from someone, particularly if it was clear to us that our recipient “saw” our message. And with data showing that 15,220,700 texts, not including app-to-app messaging, are being sent every minute of every day worldwide, there’s no wonder over 4.2 billion … Read More >

Control Your Messages with Viber’s Broadcast List Feature

We all may be part of a group chat, which enables us to share information with groups of friends, family and coworkers. But, every so often, we’d like to send the same message to a number of unconnected recipients who wouldn’t go together in a group chat. Viber’s new broadcast list feature helps you send … Read More >

Reply to and Pin Messages in Group Chats!

Group admins now have even more tools to run efficient and productive chats, one of which is the new pin messages in groups feature. Whether you need to ask your entire group a question, or remind them about your upcoming birthday party, being able to pin your message to the top of your group chat … Read More >