Using Bots to Build MVPs on Viber

Bots are becoming huge for brands, marketers and developers alike, assisting a lot in customer service and direct-response marketing campaigns. However there’s still plenty of assistance needed as companies begin building and deploying bots on their own and third party platforms. It seems easy but things are not always as simple as they seem.


Chatbase agrees with that assessment, which is why they are so relevant today. They provide analytics and suggestions for how to “fix” bot experiences to make them better for users. This service is a dream for companies looking to deploy bots, regardless of whether on their website or on a third party app like Viber.


Speaking of Viber, brands have been building and using bots to drive user engagement and action, which has been yielding tremendous results. Chatbase spoke with our own Itamar Mula to explain how developers can use a Viber bot to easily build MVPs (minimum viable product) for a variety of use cases.  


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