A Viber and FC Barcelona Public Accounts Webinar


We’re co-hosting a Public Accounts webinar with our amazing partner FC Barcelona!

We recently clued you in on updates made to Viber’s Public Accounts. While the blog post provides a treasure trove of information, we feel that talking it through is always better–and to showcase how FC Barcelona uses their Public Account to reach their marketing goals.

Join us on Thursday, November 23 at 2:30pm CET for:

  • An overview of Public Accounts
  • A product demo to explain how to set up and activate your own Public Account
  • FC Barcelona will explain how they’re using Viber to connect with fans to achieve their marketing goals

The team is eager to talk Public Accounts while addressing any questions that you may have. (Except on how to get in touch with Messi – we don’t have those magical powers.)

Please RSVP for the webinar here.

From there you can add to your calendar and share the invite with your colleagues. Hope to “see” you on the 23rd!